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Feb 6, 2011 11:00am EST
, human rights record. and it turned the -- i think you could argue it turned the obama administration and many other governments around the world, even more harshly towards the notion that there needs to be real deep and lasting change because this ven ear of civilization is being challenged. >> you've been here through most of the story. what was the government hoping to gain by going after journalists and arresting them and threatening them and in many cases physically attacking them? it seems like this has made the coverage more negative towards that regime. >> absolutely it has. but the regime wasn't thinking about the coverage in that sense, it was thinking about his constituency, what it was going to tell the people here in egypt. it wanted to tell them that this protest in tahrir square is not egyptian, it's all a foreign conspiracy, all being run by these -- these journalists are part of that foreign conspiracy. that's why although we're talking about journalists, really it's worse than that. you've not only had attacks on journalists but attacks on people because they were fo
Feb 13, 2011 11:00am EST
product for them. >> go ahead. >> she's been attacking the obama administration, one of the most prominent critics in the past year. she does what she feels like. i don't think -- she likes to say she's not left or right. she's obviously more left leaning, but she likes to do what's interesting and dramatic. i think you're going to see that more than anything else. >> let's face it, over the career she's been both left and right. >> she once was a -- somebody who was -- confident of newt gingrich, married to a republican. you've written a book on aol, why does it seem, at least until now a hodge poj of different sites without a strong brand. >> because it's a hodge podge of sites without a definite band. he's trying to make something of it. they are doing probably what yahoo! should be doing. someone has to be the konde nast of the internet. they have to form this thing. it's not like a gigantic b business in the same way. it's someone has got to do this. he's trying with this company that's gone through so much history to give it a personality and give it a definition. people li
Feb 20, 2011 11:00am EST
. >>> most of the media chids obama for not cutting enough government spending. and by the way, should the taxpayer still be coughing up cash for public broadcasting? i'm howard curtz and this is reliable sources. lara logan was supposed to be a guest on this program last week. she was going to come here to the studio and talk about how she had been arrested and handcuffed and detained by the egyptian army reporting on the protests that rocked the country. then she told us she was going back to cairo days after the detention that made her violently ill and she would join us by satellite on sunday morning. on saturday, her producer sent word she kontd make it, she was heading back to the united states. earlier this week we found out the sickening news of what actually had happened. >> lara was covering celebrations in cairo when she was surrounded by a mob, sexually assaulted and beaten. she was rescued by a group of women and egyptian soldiers. lara is back in the states now and we're pleased to report she's recovering well in the hospital. >> she is now home with her family in washington.
Feb 27, 2011 11:00am EST
previously known as blackwqater and acted at the request of the obama administration. which argued the disclosure would put davis' life at risk. tough call. the three organizations continued to sit on the information after president obama in the uproar over the shooting called davis our diplomat in pakistan and that meant they were going along with an official misstatement. that's troubling. administration officials lifted the request to withhold the information this week but only avalon don's guardian revealed davis was a cia spy. print thing information would have endangered davis' life and that would have been reckless. >>> i was reluctant to bring this up because we have already noted msnbc's dylan ratigan was talking up the sponsor of his road trips, but he was so event use enough a report this week it almost looked like an infomercial. >> a perfect example -- new course steel partners with us in the steel on wheels tour. we have the opportunity to tour their steel making facility and learn about the incredible process that transforms piles of scrap metal, shredded cars, and washi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4